Katherine Staples

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Handbuilding is a form of making with clay that gives huge satisfaction. Energy flows directly into each piece incorporating the spirit and mood, swallowing emotions and thoughts as each piece grows.


Work does not replicate nature, but has similarities. Inspired by the natural world it captures nature’s energy, movement and forms. More specifically natural forms that have an association with the sea, items left behind by the sea on the beach.


Seaweed pods have informed work, broken pods in particular representing the air and breath that is lost when a pod is popped. When seaweed dries out it becomes static, rather like clay.   Pieces start out as pinched forms of a pod shape. Coils are then added to create organic forms with no flat base which assists in creating a personal interpretation of natural forms.


Work is ideal for indoor or outdoor display and can be commissioned to individual requirements.


Katherine Staples